10 Top Tips: “How can I Commit the Perfect Crime in the Dark Net?”

How to Create a Shining Trail of Your Dark Net Activities!

I spend some time reading through the documents (must read!) and posts related to the arrest and death of the AlphaBay founder Alexandre C.

Really interesting and as you can read at theregister.co.uk:
“The alleged owner of dark-web marketplace AlphaBay was tracked down by FBI because he was stupid enough to include his real Hotmail address in the content management system used to run the site.”
It seems that he send welcome messages (in 2014) to new forum members. These emails contained his personal Hotmail ([email protected]) account.
There are several articles explaining how the police identified Alexandre C. as the person behind this email account.
My view: It was much more simple and faster. I used Maltego with the transforms from Domaintools and SocialLinks for this case. It took me a few minutes to collect some interesting information.
  • the person's name
  • former address in Canada
  • linked domains
  • hints to Thailand and other interesting information like Skype accounts
alphabay investigations

The chart in this post shows a few bits of this information.

Alexandre C. had the great idea to register a domain on his name and personal email account back in 2014.

This data can be found via reverse whois at Domaintools.

From there you can follow links to other domains and his ebxtech.com account.

SocialLinks transforms identify Twitter & Skype accounts plus search results from various sources.

Enough info to start a thorough investigation.

Lessons learned? How to commit the perfect crime:

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No. 1

Please use your personal email address for all current and future criminal activities.

No. 2

Make sure you have parts of your name and date of birth as an alias.

No. 3

Register .com/.net/.org domains with this email and your correct address.

No. 4

Create Skype accounts with this email account.

No. 5

Register a PayPal account with this mail account.

No. 6

Make sure your darknet username is the same as the one you use in the clear web.

No. 7

Register and actively accounts @ clear web forums with the email and this username.

No. 8

Don't separate you actively entity and your real person.

No. 9

Don't focus on practical operational security (OPSEC) measures to avoid detection.

No. 10

Always operate from your home and never change your personal email account!

To be more serious… these cases are excellent learning opportunities for investigators and OSINT researchers. All the ten tips are areas you need to review and check when you investigate and research. A structured approach to your research will help to find the missing parts for your puzzle.earch will help to find the missing pieces for your puzzle. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Call me on +49 2163 – 349 00 80 or use our  .

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