Anti-Counterfeit Investigations

corma is an experienced agency that can help with anti-counterfeit investigations and brand piracy in Germany and Europe. 

We know the high cost of these issues as well as the loss of brand reputation that can follow.

One of the most critical steps is to identify the most relevant key players in your case, and then to investigate and stop the activities at the right time. 


That is why corma provides comprehensive investigations that result in actionable information. The results can give you options for stopping and preventing counterfeit and piracy against valuable German and European brands.

Techniques for Anti-Counterfeit Investigations

corma will give you the information you need. Our solution involves the use of traditional investigative methods alongside the newest technology and data analysis. Our investigators identify the types of groups and perpetrators who may be involved in brand and product piracy.


We can obtain case-related information regarding criminal networks and ringleaders. Like any good investigative team, we have established connections to local law enforcement, which ensures that you will get the maximum results with each investigation.

Anti-Counterfeit Investigations: Our Services

Contact us for a free investigation (corporate customers only), and you will be pleased how much return on investment you derive from utilizing our services. 

Here are some services for anti-counterfeit investigations that we can provide to your company:

Our team conducts each investigation and analysis on an individual basis with comprehensive plans to cover your specific situation. We provide you with the data we collect. This data is accessible through corma’s extensive customer and case-related databases and intelligence sources. Here you can verify the information and determine links and patterns in the data, which would remain hidden if you were using a purely traditional investigative method.

Investigation Plan for Brand Piracy Investigations

corma will work with you to create a plan of action for anti-counterfeit and brand piracy investigations. Let us help you prevent further illegal acts of piracy and counterfeit that can hurt your brand. Stop the damage while it is small and avoid stress and unnecessary expense. 

We cooperate with local authorities in formal investigations and will advocate for you as you protect your brand and product.

corma is internationally acclaimed. We have references from our international customers that are available upon request. You can talk to our clients and see for yourself what a difference our team can make for your company.

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