Sellers who offer counterfeit products usually try to act anonymously or disguise their identity. In investigations in the area of product piracy, it is therefore crucial to identify suppliers of counterfeit (CFT) reliably. 

Getting access to reliable data on perpetrators through a particular platform works only until the provider of counterfeits on the internet is warned or disappears. 

Our Online Seller Report is a beneficial intelligence solution to determine the origin of the trademark infringement.

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A Benefit for Brand Protection Manager

As a Brand Protection Manager, a member of a brand protection department, or as an attorney, it is always necessary to weigh whether a particular case has a relevant and high enough impact on the company, its sales, or the brand itself. 


That is where the Online Seller Report comes into play.

It answers key questions for our customer such as:

  • Do further investments in targeted countermeasures make sense?
  • Is the seller of counterfeit an individual or a company?
  • Is the seller part of a network that infiltrates the market with counterfeit products?
  • What is the extent of the affected articles that have already been sold?
  • How many counterfeit products are currently for sale?
  • Where does the suspected seller offer the goods?
  • Counterfeit offered on classic market places such as Amazon, eBay, Rakuten?
  • Fake products offered in their own shops or on a website?
  • Counterfeit sold via eBay classifieds?
  • Fakes advertisements via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?
  • Does the offender have a storage facility? If yes – where is it located?
  • What transactions has the suspected seller achieved with counterfeit goods?
  • How many counterfeit goods have already been sold?
  • How many counterfeit products or trademarked goods are still in stock?

What Can You as an Affected Party Do Yourself, If Necessary?

Online Research

Online Research

Conduct extensive independent enquiries online.

Contact Seller

Covertly contact seller yourself and ask targeted questions.

Test Purchase

Conduct the test purchase yourself and use a covert delivery address.


Conduct your own analyses on the history and sales.


Collect evidence with relevant tools such as Hunchly (

Create, maintain, and deploy different covert accounts for research on social networks Control mail accounts centrally through providers such as

Manage posts/tweets of “sock dolls” through solutions such as

What Does the Online Seller Report Consist Of?

The comprehensive “Online Seller Report” is a proven tool that corma investigative experts use. It is a mix of different investigative techniques and it provides a condensed overview with respect to counterfeits, product piracy, and the extent of counterfeiting.

Targeted information provides the Brand Protection Manager, or employees in the brand protection department, with a solid information base and facilitates all further decisions.

Why Select corma for Your Brand Investigations?

corma has many years of experience in the area of investigations and test purchases (mystery shopping) with product piracy providers. 

We are happy to tell you more about our company and our services. However, to get the best sense of what we offer and how we work, talk to other people who use our services. 

Listen to what our corporate clients have to say. We would be glad to put you in touch with some of our national and international customers. 

Online Seller Report - Scope of Services

Professional Investigation Reports


We provide accurate information to facilitate decisions regarding the most appropriate further action. To do this, we research actionable information and facts that can be used in court that are directly traceable.

This makes it easy for you to estimate the respective impact and ROI quickly and reliably. 

With our professional reports, you obtain a comprehensive overview of the type and volume of pirated goods, counterfeit products, and other trademark infringements. (Here you will find an anonymous report for downloading).


Based on this reliable database, you can initiate further action. For example, you may decide to file a complaint with the police with corresponding measures such as company searches, securing evidence, and intelligence through later inspection of records and evaluation of information.

What do we need to know from you?

To create an Online Seller Report in the context of investigations into product piracy, we need you to provide us with the information about the suspicious seller (name, e-mail, company name pp.).

Also, links to shops or sales platforms classified as suspicious are useful.

On request, we will send you a confidentiality agreement (NDA) by Adobe Sign for a fast and convenient “electronic signature.”

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