Grey Market Investigations in Germany

From the manufacturers’ point of view, the Gray Market [Grey market] is every form of distribution of their goods beyond the authorized channels. 

Manufacturers want to avoid goods movements between countries or regions. The customers benefit from less authorized goods movements as well. 

No one wants to find the wrong firmware on their IT product or a handbook in the right language to be missing after all. To identify the key player in this market you need grey market investigations by corma. We have the experience to deal with these challenges in Germany and other Countries in Europe.

Discount Fraud

Under certain circumstances, manufacturers are willing to give additional and often attractive discounts. But these discounts are only granted under certain, strictly defined and stipulated conditions. Considering that we are talking about millions of dollars, it is no surprise that there is a lot of fraud to be found in that area. Unfortunately, the problem often begins with the manufacturer, because the regional sellers mostly pay attention to their local performance and the damage occurs in other regions or countries. In some cases, there is also corruption.

Legal Aspects

The trade with Gray Market goods touches on legal aspects more often than not. For example, there can be breaches of contract by resellers who sell to unauthorized third parties, or fraud to benefit from certain attractive terms. The unauthorized entry of goods into the EEA (European Economical Area) from other states is also a statutory offense.

What Can Corma Do for You?

corma GmbH helps you to identify key players, avoid financial losses and assert your claims against the offenders. Our investigative work in Germany includes:

Investigative Due Diligence

to identify relevant persons & coporations

Process Analysis

to identify weak spots

Development of Strategies

to recognize and avoid further damage

Link Analysis

to identify networks of offenders

Operative Investigations

onsite visits, interviews, company profiles

Partner Audits

review compliance with your guidelines

Professional Investigative Results

for prosecuting authorities

Intelligence Solutions

for a strategic fight against the Gray Market

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