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Looking for Reliable Brand Protection Solutions in Germany?

If you are looking for reliable Brand Protection solutions in Germany to support you in the areas of counterfeit and product piracy — and an efficient, targeted, and tailored approach — we can help.

As a manager or director in the field of product and brand protection in your business, you face many challenges.

Very often, the circumstances surrounding product piracy and trademark counterfeiting are complicated. 

Your objective is usually to use the existing budget purposefully and profitably. 

And ideally, the investigative work will disclose larger networks of product pirates. 

That in turn means that the investigating authorities, such as customs and police, will give the case the necessary attention. 

In this respect, these measures should therefore also ensure the highest possible number of seizures of counterfeit goods.

Ultimately, it is necessary to regain the market share lost to forgery and to protect consumers. In addition, investigations in this field are often of international relevance and thus correspondingly complex.

Also, in these investigations in the area of brand protection, elaborate identifications of “anonymous sellers” often play a role. These offer their products, e.g. through classified ads, social networks and Messenger, supposedly anonymously. But even in these spaces, identification is possible.

As a result, the trail from here continues to potential distributors for counterfeits and then to their suppliers.

By collaborating with corma, you will be able to focus on cases that are highly detrimental and cause significant damages to your company.

Brand Protection Solutions: corma GmbH Procedures

At corma, we use a wide range of methods, such as intelligence analyses, lead generation, field investigations, internet research, evaluations and reports, data analysis and test purchases (mystery shopping), as well as monitoring of providers and products on the internet.

corma offers you professional anti-counterfeiting investigations and successful investigations of the grey market to track down counterfeit products. Through years of cooperation with international companies and their corporate security or brand protection departments, we have gained considerable experience, which we can use for your benefit. 

In the following overview, we will provide you with the details of the individual modules of our workflow “Anti-Counterfeit Investigation in Germany.” We would be pleased to inform you personally about the modules and related possibilities for an investigation that might be of interest to you. Contact us under +49 2163 – 349 00 80 to discuss your needs.

Overview of Modules on Anti-Counterfeit Investigation in Germany

Brand Protection Solutions  in Germany CTF workflow Overview en

Module 1: Market Overview - Market Intelligence in the Area of Product Counterfeiting

Brand Protection Solutions  in Germany CTF Workflow Module 1 Marketoverview EN

This module is about initial research into marketplaces and product offerings which are relevant for your brands and products. Depending on your special requirements, it may be necessary to focus on markets such as eBay. However, it is also possible that we ignore these kinds of markets and concentrate our internet research on websites outside the usual marketplaces. We will clarify initial topics, such as:

  • Where are counterfeit products offered and sold?
  • Which sellers offer these counterfeit brands?
  • What kind of shops are used beyond the known marketplaces?
  • On which marketplaces are counterfeit products offered?
  • Which sellers could be relevant for further investigation?

Module 2: Analyses & Lead Generation

Brand Protection Solutions  in Germany CTF Workflow Module 2 analysis leadgeneration EN

The collected intelligence and any other relevant information are compiled into a custom intelligence database. At the same time, high data quality is very important, and in the process, the data are standardized and enriched. Of course, all aspects of current data protection requirements are met. This intelligence database will then allow effective link analysis and thus the identification of previously unknown relationships.

This, in turn, facilitates the detection of networks. Based on this information, the interesting leads (for further investigation) will then be filtered out and prepared.

Depending on the project, we will create various reports. It is possible to produce a short overview for the client with the core information of the identified leads.

Alternatively, we can create a detailed report (lead report) on a per case basis for the client. This information will then be the basis for the decision on any further steps. That would be, for example:

  • Further Monitoring
  • Test Purchases (Mystery Shopping)
  • Civil Procedures
  • “take Down” of the Offer/auction or Even Criminal Charges

All the steps are to be performed in consultation with the client and will never exceed the agreed budget.

Module 3: Test Purchase (Mystery Shopping) and Investigation

Brand Protection Solutions  in Germany CTF Workflow Module 3 Test Purchase Investigations EN

This module contains the steps of the investigation concerning a test purchase and the secure identification of a suspicious seller. 

The test purchase itself includes the use of covert test buyer accounts, shipping and product costs, photo documentation, and a detailed review of the test purchase. Of course, all test purchases may be used in court, and our mystery shoppers supply affidavits to this effect.

Also, further monitoring of the merchant account can be useful. On request, we create a detailed analysis of the seller (“Online Seller Report”) about all publicly available information. This report includes the examination of turnover, sales, and available products on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.

Module 4: Enforcement – Legal Measures

Brand Protection Solutions  in Germany CTF Workflow Module 4 enforcement EN

On behalf of our clients, we also create the necessary documentation for a criminal complaint to the public prosecutor’s office in charge.

Based on many years of experience in the field of investigations on product piracy and due to our extensive knowledge as former law-enforcement officials, we create tailored criminal charges. Currently, all our cases in Germany resulted in search warrants and other judicial measures.

Even after the criminal charges are made, we stay in touch with the police. Our experts are available as expert witnesses for search measures. Depending on the client, we can also deliver an expert opinion on the authenticity of the products.

Further steps in the investigation would be a civil action such as deleting the offers of the suspected seller. Alternatively, the seller could be questioned with the objective of obtaining background information.

Module 5: Intelligence

Brand Protection Solutions  in Germany CTF Workflow Module 5 Intelligence EN

The focus of the last module is intelligence analysis. Important information must not be managed in Excel tables or in Outlook. Rather, it should be captured and analyzed in a customized intelligence database. 

This will lead to new insights, generate new leads, and support the entire workflow.

Finally, yet importantly, meaningful visualizations (charts) can thus be created. With these, complex information can be presented in a way people understand.

All our reports contain these charts. The IBM software used for this purpose, IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook, is almost the industry standard for investigators, police, and intelligence services. We may use the entire range of these tools for the benefit of our clients.

Innovative Brand Protection Solutions for Complex Challenges

With the help of effective state-of-the-art software solutions, coupled with mental work, we offer innovative and creative brand protection solutions in Germany and beyond. With corma, you will receive a concrete plan for an investigation of your individual case.

Please feel free to contact us in advance for a list of first-class references. We will gladly put you in direct contact with our international reference customers. You can then get an unfiltered look at the feedback from our clients.

An important requirement for the successful work of corma investigators is trust-basedcollaboration with customers. Reputable advice and the confidentiality of company information is a part of this. corma guarantees the compliance with data protection laws.

If you have any questions about our brand protection solutions in Germany or how we work, please feel free to contact us at +49 – 349 00 80. Of course, you can also reach us via the contact form .

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