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Online Seller Report corma GmbH
Brand Services

Anti-Counterfeit Online Seller Report

Sellers who offer counterfeit products usually try to act anonymously or disguise their identity. In investigations in the area of product piracy, it is therefore crucial

managed services ermittlungen
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Brand Protection Services Germany

Brand Services Get Expert Brand Protection Services in Germany & Europe corma’s Brand Protection Services in Germany help brand protection managers in Germany as well

internet monitoring solutions
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Warranty Fraud Investigations

Warranty Fraud – an Underestimated Crime Warranty fraud (also known as service fraud or service abuse) causes global damages in the billions.  According to estimates, warranty

grey market investigations
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Grey Market Investigations Germany

YOU NEED INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT? Grey Market Investigations in Germany From the manufacturers’ point of view, the Gray Market [Grey market] is every form of distribution

Brand Services corma GmbH
Brand Services

Brand Protection Solutions in Germany

Brand Protection Solutions in Germany Looking for Reliable Brand Protection Solutions in Germany? If you are looking for reliable Brand Protection solutions in Germany to

covert test purchases in Germany
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Covert Test Purchases in Germany

We conduct online covert test purchases in Germany and other countries in Europe and beyond. There are several reasons why a test purchase may make