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Deutsche OSPAs 2017 corma GmbH Herausragender Ermittler
Corporate Security

Outstanding investigator: corma GmbH receives the German OSPAs 2017

2 minutes read Outstanding investigator: corma GmbH receives the German OSPAs 2017!
The Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) were presented in Berlin on 9 November. The prizes were presented in a total of nine categories at the DRIVE, Volkswagen Group Forum.

The competition was characterised by a high quality of the participants and strong competition. For the high-ranking judging panel, this was surely a decent piece of work.

I am very pleased that our team has received this prestigious award for its achievements in the field of professional corporate investigation services.

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Corporate Security

Investigations in Germany:
corma as Master Service Provider in Germany

2 minutes read Wenn die corma GmbH für ein Unternehmen tätig wird, sind maßgeschneiderte Lösungen gefragt, die dem jeweiligen Unternehmen und der individuellen Problemsituation entsprechen. Das corma-Team kann hierbei auf verschiedene Modelle zurückgreifen, um den Ermittlungs- und Analysetätigkeiten einen Rahmen zu geben. Um ein solches Modell handelt es sich bei corma als Master Service Provider.
In diesem Beitrag geben wir Ihnen Einblicke in diese Möglichkeiten.

Corporate Security

No Case without Investigation Plan

2 minutes read Don’t start an investigation without an investigation plan. Every investigation is different. Especially in cases of criminal investigations, it is necessary to plan the course

Phishing Angriffe
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New client or fraud scammer?

3 minutes read An exceptional fraud case has recently been brought to my attention by a colleague. A trading company from the electronics/IT sector got an inquiry from