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OSINT LookDeeper

Geo Screenshot for Testing Geo-Targeted Content

3 minutes read #LookDeeper: Geo Screenshot Supports OSINT-Investigations In the course of our brand protection and counterfeit investigations, I increasingly identified websites where content is available but not

Maltego & Transforms

CaseFile – Visualization of Information

6 minutes read #LookDeeper: CaseFile – Zusammenhänge der Investigation grafisch veranschaulichen This is the first post of a new blog post series. In the next weeks and months

Deutsche OSPAs 2017 corma GmbH Herausragender Ermittler
OSINT LookDeeper

Outstanding investigator: corma GmbH receives the German OSPAs 2017

2 minutes read Outstanding investigator: corma GmbH receives the German OSPAs 2017!
The Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) were presented in Berlin on 9 November. The prizes were presented in a total of nine categories at the DRIVE, Volkswagen Group Forum.

The competition was characterised by a high quality of the participants and strong competition. For the high-ranking judging panel, this was surely a decent piece of work.

I am very pleased that our team has received this prestigious award for its achievements in the field of professional corporate investigation services.