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Investigative techniques

Investigative Techniques of corma GmbH

NEVER WONDER, ALWAYS KNOW! Every investigation is different. Therefore, the appropriate determination methods and tools must be carefully selected for each case. In this article,

Research Services

Research Services in Germany and Europe

Research corma’s Research Services at a Glance Research Services in Germany and Europe is about acquiring data and analyzing it. Only then will it be truly useful


Pre-Employment Screening in Germany

APPLICANT OR PRE-EMPLOYMENT CHECK: Support for HR-Managers and Directors As a managing director or human resource manager, you have a great responsibility when selecting new

Identify Manipulated PDF Documents

Detect Forged PDF Documents

PDF Forensics: Identifying Fake PDF Documents Why should you know that it is possible to detect forged PDF documents? In the business world, PDF files

Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft

Image Forensics

Supporting Investigations with Image Forensics & Photo Forensics Today, picture editing is easier than ever. Effectively editing images with the help of an image editing

Checking Screening Businesspartner

Business Partner Screening in Germany

ACQUIRING INFORMATION – MINIMIZING RISKS Business Partner Screening How well do you know your new vendor? What do you know about your business partners? In