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corma is your partner for national and international corporate investigations, research, intelligence solutions and training. We offer professional support in cases of fraud, counterfeit or cybercrime or take action to improve corporate security. Companies in need of a competent partner receive valuable help as well as effective solutions for their individual problems, even when it comes to complex matters that require a high level of expertise. The corma investigators are highly experienced in the corporate security field, due to a longstanding cooperation with corporate security or compliance departments of national and international enterprises.

Professional investigative work

When it comes to corporate crime, corma offers operative as well as analytical investigative work. To solve cases of corporate crime or guarantee a company’s corporate security, professional and effective investigative work is highly important. Each case is unique and therefore the corma investigators create an individual and tailor-made investigation plan that complies with the new task’s requirements.

The corma experts have specialized in corporate investigations as well as in online investigations, analytical investigations, dark-net investigations, fraud investigations or investigations concerning brand protection.

Intelligence solutions and research

Intelligence solutions and research

Intelligence is another one of corma’s core competences. The main focus are the internet and the globalized markets that make it all too easy for perpetrators to hide their deeds. Our intelligence experts are well-versed in uncovering fraudulent behavior and perpetrator networks. We also do research for our clients and are specialized in investigative due diligence. Our team conducts background checks on potential employees or potential new affiliates to make sure of said employee’s or affiliate’s integrity and therefore minimize risks for the company in question. Our certified investigators and analysts work for clients worldwide and offer tailor-made all-in-one solutions for the clients’ needs. Each investigative step is taken in consultation with the client. If you want to learn more about corma’s work, please call us using the number +49 2163 349 00 80 or use our ​.

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