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corma, founded 1999 and headquartered in Germany, is dedicated to providing professional corporate investigations, research and intelligence services. We offer thorough and precise investigations in cases of fraud, counterfeiting, information losses and other types of crimes.
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We have a variety of ways to detect perpetrators and their networks, uncover criminal acts and stop economic losses in our repertoire.
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Today‘s criminals can target anyone from anywhere. To stop criminal acts effectively, they must be discovered on a global scale and dealt with coherently. This is why
corma has developed its own investigation technique.
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the gray market – losses amount to billions
While there is more and more awareness for brand and product piracy nowadays, another phenomenon remains largely unnoticed: the Gray Market.
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corma offers unique solutions and we offer you our own “investigator check”. Compare us against the competitors. Do the „Investigator-Check“
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Brand and product piracy causes significant economic losses. To stop the players involved, concrete investigative results and effective options for actions are needed.
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The internet and the increasingly globalized markets make it easier for perpetrators to hide their criminal actions by assuming cover identities, clouding connections or even implementing counteractive measures.
Recognizing and assigning criminal networks is therefore one of the biggest challenges for corporate security
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corruption, espionage, fraud and other criminal acts are gaining ground. More than
half of all major companies in Germany have reported cases of white-collar crime in the last two years. The resulting financial losses are immense.
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a crime not to be underestimated.
Estimations (pwc/AGMA) show that warranty and service fraud across all sectors is reducing corporate income between three to five percent on average– and is on the rise. Learn about our solutions.
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