corma GmbH selected as a finalist for German OSPA’s 2017


Finalist German OSPAs 2017


Finalist German OSPAs 2017

We just received the exciting news that our team has been selected as a finalist in the “Herausragender Ermittler(Outstanding Investigator) category for the German Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) 2017.

The Outstanding Security Performance Awards have been created to give recognition to persons as well as organizations and companies for their achievements in the security sector. One of the goals of the OSPAs is increasing the importance of the security sector and improving its standing. In many corporations security is still not a top priority, even though corporate security is a very important factor that can make or break a company’s success. The Outstanding Security Performance Awards hope to influence a process of rethinking in that regard.

The criteria for the OSPAs are based on very thorough research. They were developed in collaboration with security professionals all around the world. The Outstanding Security Performance Awards have been standardized, which makes it possible to create versions of the OSPAs in different countries. corma is now nominated for the German incarnation of the OSPAs – and we are very happy about that.

All the contestants are top-level investigators, no doubt about that. Therefore it is a big honour for corma to be selected as finalist alongside all these other „outstanding investigators“ in this category.
A full list of finalists will be available shortly on the German OSPAs website at

Winners will be announced on November 9th at the DRIVE Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin.

Of course, I will be present at the ceremony to represent our company. I am very excited for the event itself and cannot wait to know the outcome! Needless to say, I would be more than happy to take an award for corma home with me.

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