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Jörn Weber - Ihr Trainer

Our online Maltego video course bundle is a flexible streaming offering with more than 9 hours of video material, with new updates and content constantly being added.

This online training course on the professional use of Maltego contains all the lessons of the classic 2-day seminar, plus additional exercises, and bonus videos. As a participant, you will thus receive the complete Maltego Classic & XL training .

Maltego Classic Video Stream: Course Overview

Note: Updated information and details about the  online Maltego training and available courses can always be found on our course pages:

Maltego Online Course Overview:

In the introduction video course, we start with the most important basics and introduce the user interface; then in the essentials course we systematically work our way through the existing transformations using cases from actual practice. The transforms essentials course will focus on the Patervas CTAS transforms.
We will illustrate a variety of workflows and accesses as they are successfully used by professional investigators. This is your opportunity to go from Maltego-Zero to Maltego-Hero!

Our most popular course “Ultimate Maltego Master Class Bundle” covers all these courses plus the “transforms tutorials” selection.

Course 1: Introduction to Maltego - What is Maltego and how do I use it?

  • Introduction to Maltego
  • Setup Maltego
  • Essential Settings
  • What is Maltego?
  • Maltego Concept
  • Case Study:
    Case Study “Alphabay” – How to integrate Maltego in your investigative workflow
  • User interface
  • Entities
  • Context Menu
  • Action Bar
  • Layouts and Views
  • Investigative Tab
  • Machines (Footprinting and others)
  • Import & export of data

Course 2: Maltego Classic - Essentials

  • Efficient Usage of Maltego: Operate the Software, Navigate the Graph, Work With Entities & Start Transforms
  • Master the Context Menu, Leverage the Action Bar in Your Cases
  • Master Layouts & Views to Visualize Connections in Your Graph
  • Identify Critical Data in Your Graph, Find Maltego Graphs on Your Computer Which Have the Information You Are Looking For, and Quickly Navigate Large Graphs
  • Optimize the Graph, Customize the Maltego Environment to Your Needs – Select Entities and Transforms You Really Need
  • Machines- Efficient & Practical Tools to Make Your Maltego Work Smarter
  • Collaboration with Other Users, Manage the Sidebars and Practical Tips on the Application Menu & Button
  • Import Your Case Data into Maltego | Save Time with Different Import Templates | Visualize Any Structured Data in a Graph
  • Export Your Data Out of Maltego | Process Maltego Data with Other Applications | Create Tables, Charts & PDF Reports

Course 3: Maltego Transforms Essentials: Patervas CTAS

This course is for beginners but also for those who have a rough knowledge and want to improve their skills. Learn about gathering OSINT from sources on the Internet, incl. queries on DNS servers, search engines, social networks & other sources.

Overview of Maltego (Paterva’s CTAS) Transforms and explanations & exercises.

  • Transforms Are the Core of Maltego – This Section Provides You With an Overview of the Transforms Included in Maltego Classic & XL Version.
  • Deep Dive into the Infrastructure Transforms for the “Domain” Entity. With These Transforms You Get All Available Information About a Target Domain.
  • Understand the Major Entities and Their Transforms Related to Indispensable Entities for Almost Every Investigation: Website, Ip, MX & Ns Records, and DNS Names.
  • Identify Different Types of Network Infrastructure and How to Use This Important Information in Your Investigation.
  • Tracking Codes – Discover Relations Between Websites via Their Google Analytics Code and Similar Codes.
  • Attribution – Connect Infrastructure Data to Persons & Companies – Find Hidden Links.
  • Finding People – Patervas Transforms Offer Some Possibilities to Find People via OSINT

Course 4: Transform Tutorials: Selected from Maltego Hub

  • Tutorials & Reviews on Selected Transforms Available in the Hub

    – Focus on Usage for OSINT Investigations

Only available as part of the Master Class Bundle:

Your advantage: There are no fixed dates for lessons and exercises; you can adapt the course content to your schedule and daily workflows. At the same time, you can ask questions at any time. We offer you on-lesson discussions for each important lesson. This way, you as a participant are optimally involved, and thanks to your feedback, we continue to optimize the course.

Online Video Course on Maltego Software:
How Long Is the License Valid?

For the Maltego OSINT training you will have at least three months to complete all lessons. During this period, we also give you access to all new videos and updates. Once you have successfully completed all exercises and lessons, you will receive a certificate of participation.

Note on use and license: Booking our online course on using Maltego grants you (one person) the right to personal use. Sharing of the login credentials and copying of videos and other provided materials are not permitted.

Online Maltego Training:
What Will I Learn?

Our online Maltego video course “Ultimate Maltego Master Class Bundle” covers all the content you need to know to get started with the research software. This not only includes the most important basics and settings but goes on to cover the more demanding techniques.

Instead of penetration testing, hacking, or preparing for social engineering / social hacking attacks, the course focuses on professional investigations and OSINT research as carried out by police authorities, private investigators, intelligence services, corporate security departments, and similar bodies.

For optimal success in learning to use Maltego, it is important that you understand how the software will change the way you work. You will become familiar with the many capabilities of Maltego and will be able to use it independently in practice.

During the course “Ultimate Maltego Master Class Bundle”, you will learn everything you need to know about the best settings for the Maltego environment, the user interface, the Transform Hub, and the management and use of transformations. We cover the standard entities (Paterva CTAS)—e.g. aliases, e-mail addresses, domains, phone numbers, phrases, and social networks. We also explain which transformations can be performed with these entities. In this context, you will learn everything you need to know about the data sources for the transformations; only then will you be able to correctly interpret the results of the transformations and uncover the relationships between persons, groups, domains, websites, networks, and Internet infrastructures.

Last but not least, we take a detailed look at the “Investigate” Tab and discuss the various options it offers for navigating and creating a graph. Once you have completed our online Maltego course, you will be familiar with the best methods for using transformations in a variety of scenarios.


You will have three months to complete all of the lessons. During this period, you will have access to all new videos and updates.

The booking of our Maltego online video course grants you the right for personal use (one person).

Sharing the login, copying of videos and other provided materials is prohibited.

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One remark if you are planning to purchase as a company/business from outside of Germany: In case you are eligible for exempt from German sales tax, please contact us before you buy. The training platform can process only payments including the German VAT. We will be happy to clarify everything else by email ( or by phone at +49 2163 / 34 90 08 0 . For the corresponding invoice we need your VAT ID and further company details.

We suggest using the Maltego Classic or XL version. The Maltego CE version is not licensed for commercial usage.

Maltego Classic is a commercial version of the research software. Maltego Classic returns 10,000 results per Transform and provides access to all Maltego features, OSINT Transforms, and commercial hub partners.

Maltego XL is also a commercial version and was developed specifically for extensive research and investigation. With Maltego XL, the user can retrieve up to 1 million information items / entities.

Please check the Maltego Website for current pricing:

Who is the Online Maltego Video Course Designed For?

This course is for you if you fit into any of the following categories:
Investigators, analysts, journalists, and research agents who are interested in optimizing their OSINT workflow
Beginners and experienced users interested in OSINT and in conducting Internet research with Maltego
Anyone who wants to learn more about Internet investigations and learn how to use the Maltego research tool

Prerequisites for the Course

Basic knowledge of Internet Investigations

To participate in our online Maltego video course, you should have at least a basic knowledge of online investigation / OSINT methods.

Backgrounds of internet services

An understanding of the basics of Internet services such as HTTP and DNS can be a benefit for participation in the online Maltego course as well as for success in learning.

Basic knowledge of search engines

Solid basic knowledge of search engine use and of basic IT principles is also helpful for successfully completing the Maltego video course.

For all participants who are not sufficiently familiar with these topics, the necessary background knowledge will be presented and taught during the course.

Hardware Requirements for Our Maltego Streaming Offering

Note: Detailed information can be found on the official Maltego website.

Maltego OSINT Training & Video Courses: Your Trainer

joern weber - maltego & social links - osint training - corma
Jörn Weber

Jörn Weber is an investigator and the managing director of corma GmbH. Before his time at corma, he worked as a police officer in NRW for nearly 20 years.

He investigated, among other things, homicide, fraud, and white-collar crime, as well as cybercrime. Jörn left the service as Kriminalhauptkommissar (Detective Chief Inspector).

He and his team now support corporate security departments and brand protection teams from international clients with the successful execution of their investigations.

In recent years, Jörn has conducted numerous training events on the subject of Maltego, Social Links and Internet investigations. Among the participants were German and international Police Authorities, corporate security of international corporations, investigative journalists, military and intelligence services.

The daily use of Maltego and its various transformations ensures the successful completion of investigations, thus also ensuring the practical relevance of the training.

corma GmbH is your partner for professional investigation work in the field of white-collar crime.

Since 1999, the company has been supporting its clients in uncovering white-collar crime worldwide. In doing so, corma GmbH relies on innovative analytical investigation methods.

The aim: To stop losses, identify criminals, and recognize and eliminate weak points. In addition to Maltego training, corma offers training for iBase, Analyst’s Notebook, and general online research.

We are recording the Social Links Training now!

Register here to get notified about the official release date. Without obligation but each subscriber will get a 10% discount when they order the final course.