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Training contents - overview

OSINT hands-on-training fOr Maltego

We provide these in-house training in German or English Language at any location in Europe. Interested Law Enforcement Agencies may request a discounted price.

This training provides participants with the knowledge necessary to leverage the full potential of Maltego. From understanding the underlying technologies to exploiting the full spectrum of Maltego’s analytical capabilities.

The course covers all important settings and operating options of the software in detail. From the input or import of the data, through the visual analysis and the extension of existing information through transformations, to the export of the data as chart or report.

It also covers OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) topics that are important for the use of Maltego.

This is a 2-day hands-on course with hands-on exercises using real-world data from OSINT and investigative practice that gives participants hands-on experience with the tool. The participants will be given interesting and practical exercises, which will enable the immediate implementation of the newly acquired knowledge.

The main focus is on the professional use of Maltego together with search options in the browser and the use of other suitable transforms.

You will find an example of an agenda for a two-day training session below:

Day 1
Your favourite date

09.00-10.00 ... Welcome and Introduction

  • Setup Check
  • Installation Software & Transforms
  • Best Practice: Settings

10.00-12.00 ... How to use Maltego - the user interface (I)

  • Introduction to Maltego and Open Source  Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Entities 
  • Action Bar
  • Context Menu
  • Starting Transformations
  • Graph Options

13.00-17.00 ... How to use Maltego - the user interface (II)

  • Layouts
  • Views
  • Investigate Tab
  • View
  • Entities
  • Collections
  • Transforms
  • Machines
  • Collaboration
Day 2
Your favourite date

09.00-12.00 ... How to use Maltego Transforms? (I)


  • Import and export data to/from Maltego.
  • How to get the most out of the tool.
  • Tips and tricks that we regularly use in our investigations.
  • Mapping the infrastructure of organizations / websites

13.00-17.00 ... How to use Maltego Transforms? (II)

Attribution – People

  • Attribution – find the people and organizations behind the infrastructure we have previously identified.
  • Techniques for finding, profiling and identifying persons or groups of persons.
  • Work with social networks, geo-tagged images, devices, aliases, and more.
  • Working with other Transforms providers:
    Social Links / Passive Total / Shodan / Domain Tools

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The Trainer

Joern Weber - Maltego & Social Links - OSINT Training - Corma
Jörn Weber

Jörn Weber is an investigator and the managing director of corma GmbH. Before his time at corma, he worked as a police officer in NRW for nearly 20 years and left the service as Kriminalhauptkommissar (Detective Chief Inspector).

Him and his team now support corporate security departments and brand protection teams from international clients with the successful execution of their investigations.

The daily use of Maltego and different Transforms ensures the practical reference in the seminar.

The company

corma GmbH — Your partner for investigating economic crimes

The corma GmbH has helped customers uncover economic crimes throughout the world since 1999. The company uses innovative analytical investigation methods to stop losses, identify offenders and detect weaknesses.

In addition to Maltego training, corma offers training for iBase, Analyst’s Notebook and internet investigations.

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