New Team Member: Frieda – Dark Net Sniffer Dog


Joining Our Team: The First German "Dark Net Sniffer Dog"!

International Law Enforcement Agencies were very successful in the last weeks. They took down two of the largest dark net marketplaces. See the story about AlphaBay and the one about Hansa Market. Shortly before Forums like “Deutschland im Deep Web” were taken down as well.

Motherboard  tells the story of the successful international Police cooperation:

“This is a massive hit—two of the top three.”

“The dark web is really shaken up. On Thursday, US authorities confirmed they had identified the alleged administrator of AlphaBay, the world’s largest dark web marketplace. And European law enforcement agencies announced they had secretly taken over Hansa, another popular illicit market.”Read the full story here.
After so many sites were taken down the question is:

How to identify new hidden services?

It can be anticipated that new Markets will appear over time. If you need to know what’s going on;  you must monitor the hidden services on Tor. But how can one do that?
Justin Seitz just started a great service to support this task with his “Hunchly Daily Hidden Services Report” After signing up you will receive daily emails that send you newly discovered Tor hidden services.)
I highly recommend to sign up for this great service!

DNSD – Dark Net Sniffer Dog

The alternative to this solution is our new team member Frieda, who joined the team only a short time ago. Frieda started her training as “Hidden sites sniffer dog” a few days back. We are confident that it will become a great success story. :-)

We’ve hired Frieda to carry out our new vision of how to detect hidden sites in the darknet and other hidden deep webs. The next step in her career is already planned. Become a CCSD (Certified Counterfeit Sniffer Dog) and be able to identify fake (counterfeit) toner.

Please join me in welcoming Frieda; we are happy to have her on our team!

FRIEDA Dark Net Sniffer Dog

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