corma's Intelligence Services at a Glance

Through our broad range of intelligence services , with a special focus and expertise on Germany and Europe, corma has the capability to collect and analyze information from a variety of sources and make it available to our clients for their benefit. Whether you need our intelligence services to reduce your costs, stop an attack on your company’s finances or reputation, or as part of a legal proceeding, we give each case our full attention to achieve the best possible results

Intelligence Analyses

Through collecting and analyzing data, corma provides professional support and effective intelligence solutions to clients worldwide. We conduct our intelligence analyses using proven solutions and measures. Our analyses are saved in a secure database and then shared with our clients.

intelligence analyses
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Using Investigative Intelligence Against Clever Criminals

Through our investigative intelligence services , we provide analytical support to investigators and decision-makers. Our services involve much more than simply extracting data and collecting information: we perform a detailed analysis to evaluate the significance of what has been gathered so that our clients can use it as a basis for further action.

Using Data Intelligence in Investigations

Our intelligence services in Germany and Europe include data intelligence. The corma team has several years of experience specializing in fraud analysis. Our specialists can work with large amounts of data that normally would be beyond the capabilities of a standard database or conventional analysis tools. This type of data analysis in investigations is useful for detecting unusual patterns that may indicate an attempt to harm a client’s company.

intelligence services data analysis

Analytical Investigations

White-collar crime is growing, and it takes specialized measures to uncover it and find sufficient evidence to bring to law enforcement. corma relies on a proven analytical approach to uncover patterns used by this special breed of criminals. Our analytical investigations are used in fraud cases, as well as other offences. Our investigators can root out connections that the criminals were counting on to remain undiscovered. And, we bring them to light to mitigate our clients’ exposure to further financial loss.

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