corma's Investigation Services at a Glance

corma has the experience and expertise to provide investigation and detective services to corporate clients from all sectors, helping them to protect their companies from a variety of threats.

We serve clients worldwide from our office in Germany. As a result, corma occupies a leading position in the market for private eye, investigation and intelligence services.

Corporate Security Support

Companies face a wide variety of security risks. We support companies as external experts in order to protect their corporate security. Our experts are also available for investigations on short notice.

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Corporate Investigation Services in Germany

corma private investigators have the specific skills necessary to provide corporate investigation services and in-depth internet investigations in Germany and other countries in Europe. Each case that we take on has unique characteristics.

Dark Net Investigations

We’re here to help protect your company from being exploited on the dark net. The dark net is part of the so-called deep web, since conventional search methods do not allow access to its contents. Our investigators are very familiar with this hidden part of the internet, which has a vast amount of data and information. We navigate the dark net on a daily basis and have the knowledge, skills, and tools to uncover what is relevant for your investigation.

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Internet Investigations

We don’t just Look – We Find the Evidence
Our agency has extensive experience in Internet investigations. Thanks to a systematic approach and various specialized resources, we are able to provide our clients with fast and comprehensive results.

Investigation Services for Law Firms

Private investigation services in Germany and Europe can be useful to lawyers and law firms in order to acquire information, analyze, or simply solve cases for clients. Our investigators support lawyers in obtaining information for current cases, in case analysis or in clarifying cases for clients.

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Fraud Examinations & Investigations

A sensitive and thoughtful approach is essential for fraud investigations, which is why they belong exclusively in the hands of experienced experts. Our fraud investigators have the necessary experience to identify suspected fraud and minimize damage.

Surveillance in Germany

In a number of possibly suspicious cases, it can be useful to observe a person, an object or a location continuously. Our certified private investigators or detectives in Germany guarantee a professional execution of observations, including an observation plan.

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Cargo Crime: React in Time – Avoid Losses

Professional investigations are required to solve transport losses and cargo thefts. After a detailed case analysis, the corma experts draw up a precise investigation plan and help companies find their stolen goods.

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Investigations with Maltego – Training in the use of the research software

corma GmbH supports its clients in being able to conduct a large number of investigations independently. In this context we now offer flexible online video courses in addition to our seminars. Get to know the full potential of the OSINT research software and secure your personal Maltego workshop!