Cargo Crime: React in Time - Avoid Losses

Cargo crime investigations play an important part in corma’s work. The corma investigators deal both with insurance losses and supply chain losses. 

Our partner network in Europe is available for you as part of our managed service provider model. 

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Quote from their website: “The Transported Asset Protection Association Europe is an association of security professionals and related business partners from various manufacturing and transportation companies who have come together for the purpose of addressing the emerging security threats that are common to the relevant industries.

Cargo Theft & Cargo Crime Investigations in Germany and Europe

The investigative agency corma helps the affected companies (e.g. insurance companies, manufacturer or logistics companies) to avoid considerable liability losses or losses caused by lost or stolen goods. corma clients benefit from the corma team’s combined know-how. It includes an international network for global investigations and a combination of traditional and state-of-the-art investigative methods and tools.

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The corma Approach for Cargo Crime Investigations

If a client suspects a crime, the corma investigators look for leads and start to secure evidence. 

The course of action may include onsite (local) investigations, case analyses, data analyses, and interviews with involved persons. We can choose the best method for your case out of our portfolio of investigative techniques

At the same time, we detect system weaknesses and faults in the organization, which decreases the risk of future losses. 

In some cases, even a complete asset recovery is in the realm of possibility.

Locate Stolen Goods

For some unlawful acts like theft, supply chain losses, or fraud, the opportunities to solve the case are limited. It is essential, i.e., for cargo crime investigations, to pick up the trail and track the stolen goods. Often this is only possible with professional support.

In such circumstances, corma will provide a case analysis and a concrete investigation plan for your particular situation.

At first, the stolen goods need to be identified (serial number, color, and so on). This process is the basis for all further research like automated researching of online marketplaces, small ads, and auction platforms. We then analyze the acquired data for suspicious sellers.

Another solution is to contact the manufacturer of the stolen products and flag the goods in his warranty service database.

Investigative Workflow

The corma investigators coordinate every single step with you. A global investigation that makes use of our international network of information sources is also possible.

We work with both traditional investigation methods and state-of-the-art data-analysis tools. Our investigators’ professional backgrounds, combined with their experience and availability for our clients built the recipe for successful investigations.
Free service for our clients: We exchange data with our clients via our secure data room (privacy boxes). The certified solution by idgard is the practical solution for securing the data, so only those who are authorized have access.

Test Purchases in Germany & EU-Countries

Aside from background research on sellers and link analysis, corma also works with test purchases.

The evidence is continuously in a controlled environment, by everyone from the test buyer to the investigator (chain of custody). 

Comprehensive reports and thorough photo documentation always keep you updated on the current state of the investigation. 

On behalf of our clients, we file criminal complaints or cooperate with law firms for civil claims.

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