corma provides corporate investigation services and in-depth internet investigations in Germany and other countries in Europe.
Each case that we take on has unique characteristics. That’s why corma’s investigations into white collar crimes and assistance in civil law matters are customized to suit each client’s situation.

Our experienced team assists corporate clients from around the world and our investigative services cover companies and individuals based in Germany and throughout Europe.

A Highly Skilled Investigation Team

Our team is made up of highly qualified former police detectives, ZAD-certified private investigators, Fraud Examiner and intelligence analysts who have a broad range of skills. Our employees all speak English, so reporting can be done in English or German. We are a member of the BID – Bund Internationaler Detektive (Association of International Detectives) and the ASW West (Allianz für Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V.), the Alliance for Security in Business of North Rhine Westfalia.

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Who Are Our Clients?

The majority of our clients are large companies that do business internationally.

These multinationals are often based in the US and we work directly with their US or European headquarters.

Usually, the Head of Security or the Regional Investigations Manager is the point of contact for our projects.

Contractual corporate frameworks, NDA’s, client corporate investigation guidelines, compliance trainings, data privacy agreements, and other topics are a matter of course for us. We make sure that your requirements are fulfilled.

Corporate Investigation Examples

corma’s investigators conduct international investigations into a wide variety of corporate issues that may threaten our corporate clients. Whether these threats originate internally, externally or may harm their brand, corma can help. Examples include:
corporate investigation services in germany

Corporate Investigation Services in Germany

It’s much better to prevent financial losses before they happen. We help you to take precautions in order to protect your interests.

Making the wrong decision can have grave consequences — whether it is choosing the wrong business partner or the wrong applicant for an open position. Fraud and corruption are dangerous and can damage your company’s reputation.

We minimize your risk exposure by providing professional consultations and conducting investigations — Germany-wide as well as throughout Europe — in the following areas:

Learn more about your potential business partners; complete a risk assessment to minimize the likelihood of falling victim to corruption and fraud.

Identify the relevant suspects, reveal their networks and distribution channels, stop their sales activities, cooperate with local law enforcement in successful raids.

We know the places, sources, and methods to find the hidden and important information for your case.

Our intelligence analysts connect the dots for you. Precise and tailor-made work with your case data helps to understand the context in the case data. Professional visualizations are understood by law enforcement in all regions.

We help you to conduct pre-employment screenings so you can achieve clarity about potential executives and their backgrounds.

Once you contact corma to start a corporate investigation in Germany or another European country, you are no longer dealing with the situation alone. corma is a trusted partner that can provide a number of clear benefits:

How a Corporate Investigation Plan Works

Each corporate investigation starts with communicating with the client. We define the issue or concern and how we can help. Once we have a clear idea of your needs, our investigators start compiling an investigative plan. Often, this stage involves working with pen and paper and brainstorming ideas.

When a clear plan has been determined, our investigators communicate the plan with you. The investigative plan contains all planned actions, the respective methods, and the required budget. After receiving final approval from the client, we take action.

Investigation Tools and Resources

corma works with state-of-the-art technical equipment and software for investigations or when taking preventive measures on our clients’ behalf. We only use these measures in compliance with the law and regulations. See the following list as an example:

Investigation Database

We create an investigation database (i2 IBM iBase) for each of our cases. Beyond supporting our investigative work, the database is very helpful for complying with the German data privacy rules.
All important details are documented in the database, including:

Data Protection Regulations

Our appointed Data Privacy Protection Officer ensures that all team members comply with the data protection regulations at any given time. He will also clarify all important questions with the client and review possible contractual agreements. If you have questions about corma’s corporate investigation services or would like to arrange a consultation, contact us now.

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