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When it comes to corporate security, companies are regularly confronted with various security risks.
Our team is ready to provide analytical and operational investigative support for your global security operations.

Especially in severe cases and during challenging times, external experts can support your corporate staff.

Tcorma’s corporate security support services can help you with special issues such as PDF forensics, the creation of company profiles (investigative due diligence), in-depth professional internet investigations or the analysis of large amounts of data.

If you need external support for any aspect of your corporate security: we’re here to help! Our motto is “never wonder, always know!

Corporate Security Support Through External Investigators

The corma team is available at any time, even on short notice, for comprehensive investigations as well as professional research. Once we have done our work, you will receive the results in meaningful reports that include visualizations. We create them with some of our favorite software solutions like IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook or Maltego.

The scope of services can be recorded in a service level agreement or a non-binding framework agreement as needed. Contact us now for a non-binding offer.

Above all, with a commitment from our corma team, you will protect your budget because you have to invest only when needed. You will also benefit from our broad international experience in the field of corporate security.

We maintain a worldwide network of investigators and sources of information as well as excellent accessibility. Providing precise details on the methodology of investigation and the efforts involved are as standard for us as adhering to delivery dates.

References & Team

We have excellent references from national and international corporations. You may request the direct contact data of references from us. We provide the highest level of service through our team of salaried employees. Without exception, our investigation team consists of former police detectives, certified private investigators, Fraud Examiners, and intelligence analysts with a broad range of expertise.

Some Examples of Projects Include:

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