Private Investigations in Germany

Private investigation services in Germany can be useful to lawyers and law firms in order to acquire information, analyze, or simply solve cases for clients.

This statement is equally true for cases related to economic offenses, employment law, family law, or trademark law.

If you are a lawyer and need a reliable partner for investigations in Germany or Europe, corma will be glad to help you. 

Our investigation agency is based in Germany with an extended partner network throughout Europe.

We can provide you with first-class references from national and international clients. You may request direct contact data of references from us and get their opinion about our services.

Investigation Services for Law Firms

Customers can use our work products unrestrictedly in court.  The investigative methods comply with all laws and regulations carried out during our investigations. 

We collect, retain, use, and transmit personal data and information in compliance with applicable law and policy. Feel free to contact our Data Privacy Officer for all related questions.

corma's Services

Investigation Agency Corma: Investigative Team

corma employs investigators, intelligence analysts, and fraud examiners. Our investigators hold international certificates in the field of investigations and forensics. We provide our analysts with comprehensive training in the software tools we use. In all our cases, we use IBM i2 Analysts’s NotebookIBM i2 iBase, and products like Maltego and Hunchly.

The corma team has extensive experience in dealing with law enforcement agencies. We cooperate with these authorities in Germany and other European countries. Often, we attend police raids on behalf of our clients. This approach enables us to obtain further valuable information for our customers.

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