Series iResearch (1): Link Collections for Internet Research


Internet research, or iResearch for short, is one of the most important components of our investigations

It is precisely because of this reason that we have prepared a blog series, with the help of which we will examine many aspects of the topic in the coming weeks.

In the first part of our series, we would like to touch upon link collections for internet research and online investigations. The topic of Open Source Intelligence(OSINT) also covers it very well. In any case, no differences are made in the type of research. 

It is up to the user to find the work flows and solutions that suit his or her goals.

To that end, we searched for good home pages for OSINT research along with collections for OSINT and found some impressive addresses. Many publishers also work as trainers for OSINT and can be called true international experts in the field.

Link Collections for Internet Research

A mega source for investigators and experts in intelligence an OSINT; you should also follow Chris Pallaris on Twitter , and this site will immediately “satisfy” even the biggest tool nerd

Very good collection of OSINT links and professional integrated tools by Michael Bazzell. It is very U.S.-focused for some areas, but it is undoubtedly a TOP recommendation!

Toolbox with many sources for internet research.

Good collection of many tools for OSINT and internet research. Bob Brasich regularly updates the site and has many other tips in store.

Brilliant-to-use tool, based on interesting categories such as entities (username, domain, etc.)and topics that are depicted as nodes. They can, in turn, be individually “opened up” and lead to the appropriate links and additional nodes. It is regularly maintained by Justin Nordine.

Small site with a research link collection, with the apps and training area being of particular interest.

Huge collection of open-source links for select regions (Russia/Asia) and links for geo-resources.

Well-assorted collection of free iResearch resources along with a few interesting add-ons and tools.

Update: Phil is now in well deserved retirement and the website is shut down. The books are of course still available.

Last Book, Expert Internet Searching, 5th edition

Sources that are of particular interest to Great Britain and classified into various categories.

Link Collections for Internet Research

If you, the blog reader, should know of additional relevant sources, we please ask that you inform us so that we can update our list.

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Do not miss the next installment of our iResearch blog series, which deals with explaining the task of research.

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