You Need a Background Research in Germany?

There are many reasons to need comprehensive information about a person or a business – more information than dossiers from credit bureaus can provide. 

A good reason for a company or individual profile is, for example, the initiation of a new business relationship or the replacement of a position in your company. 

If a new business relationship develops, companies need more than just financial data.

In the current business world, other factors are becoming increasingly important in the decision to collaborate with a company. What is the reputation of the company, and what connections do the decision-makers have? Are companies or its employees already in conflict with the law, or do they adhere to social standards? Is information freely available in brochures or on the company website? corma GmbH can help you with this challenge. We are specialized in background checks and profiles.

One Solution: Background Research in Germany

A simple Google search or an extract from the commercial register is not always enough. If more information is desired, corma GmbH can help with a background check (Investigative Due Diligence).

Our experienced investigators find reliable sources and carefully check the information obtained.

The Corma Approach for Background Research

corma is characterized by a particularly structured and solution-oriented approach to background searches. The investigation plan, which is created at the beginning of each corma investigation, ensures a transparent cost overview.

The internationally experienced investigators, who offer corma services in different languages, can access a global network of information sources during their research. For example, we recently detected counterfeit documents during a review of an Asian company, thus preventing possible damage to our client.

Business Security and Solutions in Germany for International Clients

Outside of their “home countries,” companies are faced with the challenge of obtaining valid information from reliable sources if they want to know with whom they are dealing. We offer you individual and affordable solutions for these challenges. First-class references from our business customers are not at odds with reasonable day rates. Contact us! For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at +49 2163 – 349 00 80. Or, use our  . We will answer you right away.
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