Support for HR-Managers and Directors

As a managing director or human resource manager, you have a great responsibility when selecting new employees. After all, you are the person who determines the suitability of new employees for joining a team or an organization. You ensure that employees who are hired are an appropriate match for your company.
corma can help you with pre-employment screening in Germany and other countries in Europe. For example, if your company is advertising a new position, our team of investigators can provide you with a pre-employment screening (PES) test for potential candidates. This way, you’ll be informed in advance about the integrity of your new employees. And, you minimize the risk of your company hiring the wrong person for the job.

Ensure Integrity of Job Applicants: Get an Expert CV Check

We review all documents submitted to you, including original certificates, qualifications, and references, looking to uncover any counterfeit documents or “sugarcoated” resumes. In the last case, we know how to determine if an individual’s submissions have been “optimized” by the applicant in hopes of getting the job. It is even possible that entire testimonials are falsified or the previous occupation listed never existed.

Our Approach to Pre-Employment Screening in Germany

After setting up an investigation plan, the corma team tracks down all important facts. All details on a resume or CV are thoroughly checked, and all steps of the investigation are also documented.
The procedure used by our professional and experienced investigators is legal and very thorough. The investigations are completely transparent and you have full access to them. In some job positions, the investigation procedures are similar to those used when reviewing business partners. Of course, the confidentiality of our work is guaranteed at all times.
Thanks to our research, you’ll avoid misleading appointments and minimize the risks to your company. Our results are oriented towards obtaining “comprehensive insights into the character, skill set, reliability and integrity of the respective applicant” (Vogt: Compliance and Investigations, 2009, p. 3755).

5 Tips for Determining an Application’s Authenticity

When examining documents from applicants, you can easily carry out the first steps of a “pre-employment check”. Here is what you should pay close attention to:

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