Series iResearch (05): : Mozilla Firefox as Investigation Browser

Firefox Quantum – the Browser for Research and Investigation

The popular Mozilla Firefox web browser is a great investigative browser. By that, I mean to optimize it for investigations and research. In this post, I will show you the most important settings based on Firefox Quantum version 61.0.1 (64-bit). My goal is not to create a ” hermetically sealed ” Internet browser for people with high-security requirements. For serious anonymous surfing, there are other procedures. Rather, I create a stable browser for internet research with a balanced mixture of settings and suitable add-ons.

Firefox als Ermittlungsbrowser

You can download a current version of Mozilla Firefox here. After the installation, you reach the menu button via the “hamburger menu” in the upper right corner of the browser. Here you will find a multitude of functions and elements that, among other things, allow you to customize your browser. The most important points I will introduce in this post:

  • Set Firefox as default browser [optional].
  • Open links in tabs instead of in new windows
  • Set Font[optional]
  • Set up preferred languages (DE and EN)
  • Check spelling as you type” should be turned off when writing sensitive text in the browser.
Firefox Options Investigation Browser
  •  Install updates automatically
  • Customize proxy settings
Firefox Settings Home
  • Set a blank page as the start page.
  • New tabs should also start with “Blank Page”.
  • Uncheck all boxes below the Firefox home page
Firefox Options Search
  • Use the address bar for search and page views
  • Google as default search engine (alternative: startpage)
  • Display search suggestions if you do not have high privacy requirements in your browser. Otherwise, deactivate the function.
  •  Set up “one-click search engines” appropriately
  • Add more search engines (Link)

This is what it looks like when you use the search in your browser and from now on reach the alternative search engines with one click:

Firefox History
  • Do not save passwords in the browser
  • Do not create a history
  • Accept cookies” – Keep until the browser is closed
  • Only from visited third parties
Firefox Privacy Settings
  • Address bar – Disable all boxes
  • Protection against activity tracking – always
  • Do Not Track – always
  • Authorizations:
    • Location – Permit on request
    • Camera and microphone: block
  • Do not allow data collection
  • Security: Block and warn
  • Certificates: Ask each time

Useful to save the browser settings and have them quickly available on other devices.


With these settings, you have now established the basis for a browser that is ideal for Internet investigations, intelligence analyses or simple research.  I would also be happy to provide you with individual training on the subject of Internet investigations. Call me at +49 2163 – 349 00 80 or schedule a call on our contact page.

In the next part of our series, I present a selection of useful add-ons. With these, you will set up Firefox as the perfect search and investigation browser.


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