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Strategic Corporate Investigations in Europe

Do you have to handle internal employee issues? Are you worried that your organization is the target of cybercrime or fraud? Do you want to discover whether your products are counterfeit? These are just some of the questions hundreds of corporations seek answers to.

If you seek answers to these or similar questions, you should know that only an investigation agency can provide them to you. Here at corma, we are thrilled to inform you that we’ve extended our services to help corporations streamline their investigations in Europe.

Our experienced teams are equipped with the knowledge and the right tools to assist corporate clients in Europe recover financial damages, prevent criminal acts, identify suspects in criminal cases, and more.

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Proven Investigation Process

Every company is different, and each one tackles challenges that are unique on their own. We are aware that every issue, be it a civil law matter or a white-collar crime, requires a unique approach. That’s why corma works with agile teams capable of helping clients overcome a situation no matter how specific it might be.

Our proven investigation process is the result of hard work and dedication. Over the last twenty years, we’ve worked with the top 5 Fortune 500 companies world-wide and enabled them to benefit from our investigation services. We are now standing by to use this knowledge and experience to help corporations with unique investigations in Europe.

corma never starts an investigation immediately. Our teams conduct extensive interviews with clients. It enables us to assess the situation and develop a relevant plan, one that delivers tangible results. It all starts with your inquiry or assignment assessment. We will check your legitimate interest and our obligations.

We then follow up with a case data verification. This part of the service is free of charge. It helps us assess the feasibility of investigations in Europe, implementation, and effort. Finally, once we devise an investigation plan and how much effort it requires, we can estimate the costs.

At this point, our team will contact you to inform you about what and how we plan to handle the investigation and service cost. Once you give us the green light, we will continue with our investigation.

Here at corma, we use a state of the art Case Management System (Securely encrypted, privacy-compliant solution) to document all important information and send you in-time updates to keep you in the loop. At the end of the investigation, we will send you a complete and detailed report containing facts, evidence, and relevant information.

Of course, we work in compliance with the European data protection directives and have appointed an external data protection officer for this purpose. If necessary, he will be happy to find an individual solution for your privacy requirements.

corma’s final report is made to be ready for submissions in civil or criminal proceedings.

Dependable Corporate Investigation and Training Services

If you are a decision-maker in your organization, you are probably wondering what types of investigations in Europe corma can help you with. We will help you with brand protection solutions, address inquiries, and face fraud and corruption head-on. More importantly, thanks to our professional consultations, you’ll be able to identify financial risks and prevent economic losses before they happen. The services we offer are as follows.

Corporate Investigations

corma beziehungsdiagramm - association chart

Thanks to our international network of investigators, we can carry out a comprehensive list of corporate investigations in Europe. We work with intelligence analysts, Fraud Examiners, ZAD-certified private investigators, and highly qualified former police detectives.

The company’s extensive support by external investigators can help you with various issues such as corruption, embezzlement, industrial espionage, accounting fraud, internal employee issues, or any other white-collar investigations. Whether it’s an off-site or on-site investigation, corma’s network of investigators will help you gather the information you need.

Internet Investigations and OSINT

We also have teams that specialize in internet investigations. Our teams use different monitoring solutions. Our goal is to carry out undercover investigations meaning that not one search done online can lead back to you and negatively affect your reputation.

corma performs techniques and internet searches in line with OSINT best practices to fuel open-source investigations. The service also encompasses investigations in social networks should you need to obtain information on certain individuals or companies.

We also have access to the premium paid national and international databases, which enable us to build complete background research reports. All our internet investigations are monitored, recorded, and stored via tools like Hunchly to deliver accurate reports directly to you.



counterfeit ermittlungen produktpiraterie

Anti-counterfeit investigation service is one of the best solutions for brand protection. It is custom-tailored to assist corporations with product piracy and trademark counterfeit issues. Here at corma, we have a team dedicated to providing anti-counterfeit investigation services.

We deploy different methods to help you identify, track, and seize counterfeit goods, be it in brick-and-mortar or online shops. Over the years, we’ve developed and perfected our anti-counterfeit investigation methodology. It consists of intelligence analysis, market overview, analytics and lead generation, test purchase and investigation, and enforcement.

We will provide you with all the necessary documentation to submit a criminal complaint.

Business Partner Screening

While business partnerships are often essential for your business success, they can easily backfire and leave your reputation in ruins. corma can help you anonymously carry out a business partner’s background check. You can do it before partnering up with a company, or if you have doubts about the companies, you are already partnered with.

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies and our reliable network, we can perform a background check on both individuals and businesses. Unfortunately, not everyone is forthcoming about their past. You will be aware of the crucial information about great hiring or business partner opportunities so that you can make a good decision.

geschäftspartner überprüfen

OSINT & Maltego Trainings

corma seminare

At corma, we are passionate about helping other investigators, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies. That’s why we’ve decided to share our experience, knowledge, and expertise with you. If you want to learn more about Maltego, Social Links, Open Source Intelligence, and efficient Internet research, we’ve organized workshops and training for internet investigators.

The expert-level seminars are tailored for corporate security departments, investigative journalists, law enforcement agencies, police, and anyone who wants to learn from the best investigators in the field. Since we know how cluttered your schedule might be, we made sure to enable a customized seminar plan and allow you to choose the date.

International Network of Investigators

The majority of issues corporations face fall out of the scope of their workforce capabilities, especially when the investigation has to be carried out abroad or online. As an investigation company, corma offers different investigation services that can be further custom-tailored to meet your specific needs and case characteristics.

Thanks to our international network of investigators, we’ve made information acquisition all over the world possible. We can launch and manage detective assignments abroad, making sure that our methods comply with regional and local legislation.

corma is a member of the ASW West – The Alliance for Security in Business of North Rhine Westphalia, dcif – German Competitive Intelligence Forum, Aktion Plagiarius  and BID – Association of International Detectives. We work only with certified professionals and uphold high standards to ensure the quality of our services.

Furthermore, all our employees are fluent in English for your convenience. At the moment, you can choose to receive reports in either English or German.

Why corma for Investigations in Europe?

Corporate Investigations and OSINT Training is a lucrative industry attracting many companies. However, not all companies are the same. Here at corma, we worked hard to establish the position as experts in the corporate investigations field. We have over 20 years of experience. We have worked with hundreds of organizations so far, including some of the top 5 Fortune 500 companies.

However, it’s not only our experience that sets us apart from competitors. Our strict hiring policy delivered results, as well. Our teams are highly experienced and professional.

We can mount strong internet research knowledge, a network of international investigators, and high-end tools to deliver results. corma also has access to international paid databases, which enables us to extend our investigation and deliver comprehensive reports.

Finally, we strive to maintain a completely transparent way to work with clients. As our client, you will be included in the investigation process from the planning to the reporting phase. We highly value the input of our clients. We will help you assess the risks or issues you are currently facing and devise the best course of action to help you stay on top of them.

Are you looking for help in this area?

Do you have a confidential matter to discuss?

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You can send an email or call us on +49 2163 349 00 80.

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