Investigative Techniques of corma GmbH

investigative techniques

NEVER WONDER, ALWAYS KNOW! Every investigation is different. Therefore, the appropriate determination methods and tools must be carefully selected for each case. In this article, we would like to introduce you to the basic principles of investigation used by private investigators at corma GmbH. Choosing the right methods requires a high level of attention at […]

Background Research in Germany & Europe

background research in germany

You Need a Background Research in Germany? There are many reasons to need comprehensive information about a person or a business – more information than dossiers from credit bureaus can provide.  A good reason for a company or individual profile is, for example, the initiation of a new business relationship or the replacement of a position […]

Fraud Investigations in Germany

fraud investigations in germany

Fraud is a serious problem plaguing many companies.  It takes many forms and leads to increased costs of doing business, lower morale among staff and may even damage the company’s reputation. Once a case of fraud is suspected, it’s crucial to gather facts to determine whether is evidence of an intent to deceive.  The best way to […]

Investigation Services for Law Firms

investigation services for law firms

Private Investigations in Germany Private investigation services in Germany can be useful to lawyers and law firms in order to acquire information, analyze, or simply solve cases for clients. This statement is equally true for cases related to economic offenses, employment law, family law, or trademark law. If you are a lawyer and need a reliable […]