Companies across Europe suffer great losses in sales due to product and brand counterfeiting. In order to reliably convict the perpetrators, we are conducting anonymous test purchases on your behalf, not only in Germany but also across borders and internationally. 

This gives you results from one source that are structured in such a manner that they can be used directly in court when accompanied by an affidavit. Therefore, it is worthwhile to hire an investigator or private detective from corma for test purchases in order to specifically track down counterfeits and the people who sell these false products.

Making undercover test purchases in many different countries is often laborious. Therefore, we now invite you to place your trust on private investigators who will give you reports that you can use in court and know exactly how to handle anti-counterfeiting documentation in order to be on the safe side legally as well. 

Our economic detective agency provides you with structured test purchase reports and excellent photos to ensure complete preservation of evidence for counterfeits, falsified brands and copies of brand products.

corma’s process for test purchases in europe

If our investigation agency is to make specific test purchases for you in Europe, then we will gladly work for you. To verify whether and to which extent products are falsified,

 Our detectives make undercover purchases on your behalf on previously determined online marketplaces and e-commerce websites. Whether it’s pirated software copies, ink, hard drives or falsified certificates, we can purchase virtually any kind of product for anti-counterfeiting purposes. Test purchases are completely done in-house for European products that are deliverable to Germany. Otherwise, we use our European network of private detectives and investigators.

Our Services in Detail:

Investigation Services for Law Firms

We summarize our investigation results in a dedicated corma investigation database (IBM i2 solution) in a clear manner.

We document all research results in professional reports (German and/or English) and in the form of visualized charts and provide you with a secure and encrypted data room.

Why Corma Is the Right Choice for Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations

Evidence is consistently secured 100%
High Quality Images 100%
Well Structured Report 100%
Online Seller Report 100%

Test Purchases in Europe – What We Need to Know

We would be more than happy to produce a personalized offer and carry out the undercover test purchases as desired. 

 Just tell us which product we should purchase for you in Europe. 

 The following information suffices to help you efficiently fight product counterfeiting:

Essential Information for Your Order

test purchases in europe – investigations against product piracy shopping cart

Which product should we puchase for you?

test purchases in europe – investigations against product piracy plus one
Product Quantity

How many products should we order?

test purchases in europe – investigations against product piracy sms failed
Seller Info

Link to the shop or information about the seller

test purchases in europe – investigations against product piracy business

How long should we keep the merchandise?

test purchases in europe – investigations against product piracy speaker notes

Open package, create photo documentation?

test purchases in europe – investigations against product piracy dvr

Test purchase report, short version or detailed with online seller report

Private investigation services in Germany can be useful to lawyers and law firms in order to acquire information, analyze, or simply solve cases for clients.
Our investigators support lawyers in obtaining information for current cases, in case analysis or in clarifying cases for clients.

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